The world of PAST-5

PAST-5 wishes to connect & create, share and preserve by producing small quantity, high-end, high quality clothing in a responsible manner.

In more detail, the road leading to PAST-5 is composed of the following steps: 

PAST-5 connects with different creative minds from several different backgrounds to closely collaborate on capsule collections and unique pieces with designs that have a deeper meaning.

We believe that art pieces are not meant to be still and standing in museums or on social media accounts. This is why, by wearing PAST-5, our clients express something more than just style. They share their passion for perfect quality, exceptional art and independent brands.

In this day and age, there is no time for unauthentic speeches, marketing and stories about our environment. Something more must be done. This is why we choose to work exclusively with partners that pay very close attention to the impact they have on the world around us. We are also working on collaborations with organisations that will bring a positive change to society and nature.